Restauracja Baltica

Welcome in Baltica Restaurant!

The Restaurant of Baltica is located right on the beach near Sopot Marina. From 7.00 till 11.00 on weekdays and From 8.00 till 11.00 on weekends our restaurant serves delicious breakfasts in the form of a buffet with a varied assortment of cheese, salads, own catering products as well as every day fresh baked cakes. In the summer period, every day from noon until 11 p.m. and in winter from noon til 10 p.m. the restaurant of Villa Baltica serves its regular menu. Our restaurant is at your disposal to organise a banquet for 50 individuals and our Banquet Hall holds up to 80 Guests. We also offer various possibilities of interior arrangement, according to the customer's needs. In the summer we additionally invite you to our beautifully located terrace where we organise barbecue parties with live music on warm evenings.


Our restaurant menu mainly stems from our infatuation with the French cuisine, it also contains traditional proposals from the international cuisine. Our menu has been created with the beleif that everyone can find something to their liking. In winter we offer dishes which shall not only warm you but also your senses. In the summer, on the other hand, we make sure that light dishes and refreshing drinks are available. We also remember about the kids, offering special menu positions to them. Our wine cellar as well as the variety of other alcoholic beverages shall satisfy even the most demanding tastes. When the weather is warm, we additionally offer a menu of grilled dishes, which are prepared at your sight by our chef, while you enjoy the sound of live music in the background.


Baltic salmon tartar with apple dressing 25 PLN
Beef sirloin tartar with basil, chilli, capers and parmesan 32 PLN
Herring in oil with salad of pickled cucumber and apples 16 PLN
Shrimps in garlic-butter sauce with hot pepper 31 PLN
Mushroom soup with poured noodles 14 PLN
Chicken and beef soup with homemade pasta and carrot 12 PLN
Leek cream with cod fillet 14 PLN
Salad with grilled chicken breast with yoghurt-herbal dressing 24 PLN
Salad with grilled goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette dressing 26 PLN
Shrimp salad with grilled zucchini and paprika 29 PLN
pmPastas and dumplings  
Fried boar dumplings with red onion jam and mushroom sauce 29 PLN
Tagliatelle with beef and mushrooms in whisky aroma 36 PLN
Beef sirloin steak with Jack Daniel's sauce, roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables  69 PLN
Beef entrecote with homemade fries, salad with vinaigrette and bearnaise sauce 61 PLN
Confit goose leg, on emulsion of red cabbage with au Gratin potaotes and boletus in cream 45 PLN
Duck breast with caramelized apples with cranberries and beetroot and celery and potato puree 41 PLN
Chicken breast in ripening ham stuffed with chees with "pepe verde" sauce roast pancakes and camarelized carrots 37 PLN
Pork chop with fried egg, potato puree and stewed kale with bacon 32 PLN
dzieciFor kids Cena
Chicken soup 7 PLN

Tomato soup with pasta


Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce

18 PLN

Poultry chops, fries, carrot - apple salad

 18 PLN

Pancakes with fruits and cottage cheese

 14 PLN
rybyFish  Price
Salmon steak on risotto with mushrooms and pumpkin chips 44 PLN
Cod fillet with herbal crumble topping, roasted potatoes and bouquet of lettuce with vinaigrette 47 PLN
Halibut with hash browns and braised spinach in fresh mustard sauce 44 PLN
Gratin potatoes 7 PLN
Baked potatoes 6 PLN
French fries 6 PLN
Puree 6 PLN
Green salads with vinaigrette 6 PLN
Seasonal blanched vegetables 6 PLN
Hot beetroot 6 PLN



Chocolate pie with candied pear

 14 PLN
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream  14 PLN
Caramel cream with forest fruit sauce 12 PLN 

Ice cream cup with fruit and whipped cream

3 szt-12 PLN



Hot drinks

Coffee  8 PLN
Coffee caffeine free



Espresso 7 PLN 
Espresso Con Panna 8 PLN
Double Espresso  10 PLN 
Cappuccino 10 PLN 
Latte  12 PLN 
Latte Macchiato 12 PLN
Ice coffee  14 PLN 
Irish coffee  24 PLN
Hot chocolate  12 PLN
Tea selection 8 PLN



Cold drinks

Pepsi 0,2l 6 PLN 
Pepsi Light 0,2l 6 PLN 
Mirinda 0,2l  6 PLN
7UP 0,2l 6 PLN 
Schweppes 0,2l 6 PLN 

Lipton Ice Tea 0,2l

Lemon/Peach/Original Green

6 PLN 

Mineral water 0,3l


5 PLN 

Red Bull 0,25l

10 PLN 

Lemonade 0,3l


12 PLN 




Tyskie (draft beer) 0,3l 8 PLN
Tyskie (draft beer) 0,5l 9 PLN 
Tyskie Książęce (bottle) 0,5l  10 PLN 
Lech alcohol free 0,33l  7 PLN 
Grolsch (bottle) 0,33 l



Cydr Sopocki (Sopot Cider) 0,3l





Fresh fruit juice 0,2l 14 PLN
Orange 0,2l 6 PLN 
Grapefruit 0,2l 6 PLN 
Apple 0,2l 6 PLN 
Black currant 0,2l 6 PLN 
Tomato 0,2l 6 PLN 



House Wines  
Coto Mayor Blanco - Spain  90 PLN / 18 PLN
14Secolo Pinot Grigio - Italy  79 PLN / 18 PLN
14Secolo Montepulciano - Italy  79 PLN / 18 PLN
Simple Pinot Noir - Moldova  79 PLN / 18 PLN
Sparkling Wines  
Moet & Chandon - France 299 PLN
Ferrari Rose - Italy  189 PLN
Prosecco Da Luka - Italy  100 PLN / 27 PLN
Pere Ventura Cava Semi Seco Reserve - Spain 79 PLN 
White Wines  
Dopff Gewurztraminer - France  130 PLN
Maycas Del Limari Sumaq Chardonnay Reserva - Chile

120 PLN 

Save Water Riesling Fruity - Niemcy 110 PLN 
Srebrna Góra Cuvee Blanc - Poland 110 PLN 
Hay Maker Sauvignon Blanc - New Zeland 109 PLN
Alto Adige Pinot Grigio - Italy 109 PLN
Rose Wines  
Coto Mayor Rosado - Spain 79 PLN
Sweet And Dessert Wines 
Sandara Wine Mojito - Spain 89 PLN
Tibilisi Peak Red Semi Sweet - Georgia 79 PLN / 18 PLN
Tibilisi Peak White Semi Sweet - Georgia 79 PLN / 18 PLN
Red Wines  
Barbi Brunello Di Montalcino DOCG - Italy 329 PLN
Degani Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOC - Italy 299 PLN
Flagston Writer's Block Pinotage RPA 139 PLN
Coto Mayor Reserva - Spain

120 PLN

Purcari Freedom  - Moldova 129 PLN
Barbi Chianti DOCG - Italy 109 PLN
Sammarco Primitivo Di Manduria DOP - Italy 105 PLN
Flagstone Dragon Tree RPA 99 PLN



Bols 40ml 8 PLN
Finlandia 40ml 10 PLN

Stumbras 40ml

12 PLN

Wyborowa 40ml 8 PLN
Żołądkowa Gorzka  40ml 8 PLN
Goldwasser 40ml 16 PLN
Soplica smakowa 40ml



Hennessy V.S. 40ml 24 PLN
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 40ml 28 PLN
Remy Martin X.O. 20ml 49 PLN
Stock 84 40ml 12 PLN
Metaxa ***** 40ml

15 PLN

Metaxa ******* 40ml

20 PLN


Kahlua 40ml 14 PLN
Baileys 40ml 14 PLN
Triple Sec 40ml 12 PLN
Malibu 40ml 12 PLN
Passoa 40ml 12 PLN
Amaretto 40ml 16 PLN
Jagermeister 40ml 12 PLN


Bacardi Superior 40ml 12 PLN
Bacardi Black 40ml 13 PLN


Beefeter 40ml 13 PLN
Hendricks 40ml 24 PLM


Olmeca Blanco 40ml 12 PLN
Olmeca Gold 40ml 14 PLN


Jack Daniels 40ml 18 PLN
Jack  Daniels  Single Barrel 40ml

28 PLN

Chivas Regal  40ml

22 PLN

Jeamson 40ml

16 PLN

Johnnie Walker Black 40ml 22 PLN
Johnnie Walker Gold 40ml

32 PLN

Grants 40ml 12 PLN
Grants 12 40ml 24 PLN
Glenfiddich 12 yrs 40ml

28 PLN

Glenfiddich 18 yrs 40ml

49 PLN

Monkey Shoulder 40ml

22 PLN

Vermouth Aperitif

Aperol 40ml 8 PLN
Campari 40ml

12 PLN

Martini Bianco 100ml 14 PLN
Martini Extra Dry 100ml 14 PLN
Martini Rose 100ml 14 PLN
Martini Rosso 100ml 14 PLN










Aperol Spritz

(40ml Aperol, 80ml Prosseco, 20ml, woda gaz)

19 zł


Żubrówka Złota Sweet & Sour


(40ml żubrówka złota, 20 ml syrop cukrowy, 40ml

sok z cytryny)




40ml Cachaca, sok z limonki


Cuba Libre

40ml Bacardi Black, Coca Cola, sok z limonki


White Lady

40ml Gin Beefeter, 30ml Cointreau, sok cytrynowy


Long Island Ice Tea

20ml Bols, 20ml Gin Finsbury, 20ml Tequila silver, 20ml Passoa, sok cytrynowy, Coca Cola



40ml Tequila, 20ml Bols Triple sec, sok z limonki



40ml Bacardi, 20ml Passa, sok z limonki, woda gazowana


Tequila Sunrise

40ml Tequila, sok pomarańczowy, grenadina

Baltiś - sala dla dzieci

Zapraszamy do nowo otwartej sali zabawa dla dzieci "Baltiś", znajdującej się w dolnej sali restauracyjnej.








Hotel Villa Baltica

ul. Emilii Plater 1

81-777 Sopot


tel: +48 58 55 52 800

fax: +48 58 55 52 801


e mail:,

Opening hours


Monday - Friday: 7.00 - 11.00

Weekends: 8.00 - 11.00


The restaurant is open:
season: 12.00 - 23.00
off season: 12.00 - 22.00